Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In that small moment
When I lost you
Life ended and began all at once
Everything smelt new...

Time betrays without a tinge of emotion
And the clock ticks on.
Why then, live a burden of memories
When life never ceases to make new songs?

In small moments
I look at raindrops clinging to green leaves
And sparrows hopping about on window ceils;
Squirrels scampering up the trees

Time smiles a sly smile
And says: 'Nothing will change
Whether you be
Or choose not to be'

I would rather choose to be me
Than trail in the shadows of expectations
I would rather be me
Than my father's daughter,
My husband's wife
My aaji's grandchild...
I would rather be me
By my choice.

For in small moments,
When I lose many more
Life can begin all over again
For nothing is never the end...

Gauri Gharpure