Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happily Unmarried - 'Beware of the Wife' Doormat exemplifies sexist psyche

Just saw these "talking doormats" by a brand called Happily Unmarried advertised on my Facebook newsfeed. Disgusted. 

What is the joke here? That you can belittle your better half right on the doorstep by announcing to the world that she speaks her mind? Or that the product will serve as a tongue- in-cheek reminder to the woman of the house that no matter how many times she raises a point, she will remain just that, a doormat? Or rather as a passive-aggressive challenge for the wifey to suck up the sexist humour and prove she is a sport? 

Someone got humour really wrong at the Happily Unmarried design team. And I hope someone pays for this.

Whether they are married or not (we don't care about their happiness in either case) whether they are men or women - the Happyily Unmarried team needs a lesson or two on what qualifies as design and on what differentiates humour from gender stereotyping.