Sunday, June 18, 2017

Meow Handicrafts updates

The Meow Handicrafts has collaborated with Mineral Foundation of Goa and Keshav Seva Sadhana's School for Special Children to come up with unique products that, in the process of being made, provide occupational therapy to 10 students. We also engage five women of a self-help group. Our small team of 15 will make tailor made products for your company, or for individual use.
As of now, we are ready to take bulk orders for 
1) Christmas cards
2) Diwali cards
3) Invitation cards of all types (social functions, corporate events)
4) Wedding invitations 
5) Customised visiting cards
6) Bookmarks 

For queries, email

Here are some photos of work-in-progress 

And yes, the search for publishers continues. But let's not mix businesses up :-) Be Meow! 

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

So it goes

Just when you think all is perfect, comes the next big thunder and the screech of a massive blinding lightening. So it goes.

You, my blogger friends, have been with me since 2006 and so it is apt I share that I have been working on a book for what seems like forever now and this jolt seems the necessary finishing touch. 

Am looking for publishers, in India and abroad. Consider this a note to whomsoever concerned who believe in good writing and who also equally believe in paying good for good writing. 

On the Meow Handicrafts front, after much thought, I have collaborated with Keshava Seva Sadhana's School for Special Children and Mineral Foundation of Goa to build a sustainable and profitable business module that employs marginalised sections -- we have started small with ten special children and five women. 

Rest all best, do drop in a hello when you can. Much love, always. Be Meow! 

Friday, April 07, 2017


In the depth of my heart there was a lot of sorrow that flooded out today all at once with the passing of someone who was to me my mentor, my brother, my friend. His heart beat for everyone who was marginalised in anyway and he fought daily battles for them till his last breath. That he left doing exactly what he lived for - fighting for someone else's rights - is fitting. He left us too soon, though. Because of him I got a beautiful shelter on my head. He selflessly put me in touch with many kind souls like him. He urged me to write. The last time we met, on Tuesday, he put in my hands well-documented files of the court fights he fought for one of his favourite cause - disability rights. I feel like an orphan in Goa.