Tuesday, May 02, 2017

So it goes

Just when you think all is perfect, comes the next big thunder and the screech of a massive blinding lightening. So it goes.

You, my blogger friends, have been with me since 2006 and so it is apt I share that I have been working on a book for what seems like forever now and this jolt seems the necessary finishing touch. 

Am looking for publishers, in India and abroad. Consider this a note to whomsoever concerned who believe in good writing and who also equally believe in paying good for good writing. 

On the Meow Handicrafts front, after much thought, I have collaborated with Keshava Seva Sadhana's School for Special Children and Mineral Foundation of Goa to build a sustainable and profitable business module that employs marginalised sections -- we have started small with ten special children and five women. 

Rest all best, do drop in a hello when you can. Much love, always. Be Meow!