Monday, October 29, 2012

Meow- My miracle

I grew up with dogs, and like most dog people, had an open dislike that bordered on trust issues and prejudice for cats. This began to change sometime last year when I first met two pet cats with rather royal names. I thought, "Hmm, cats are not that bad to have around."

In the days after my return to India, I found myself entertaining the idea of having a "cat pet" more and more. Then, there was a period of two weeks when I was so desperate to get a kitten that I literally stopped my scooter at the sight of kittens on the road or near fish markets. One day, I happened to go to Panaji Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). There, Meow happened to me.

Though Meow is quite a plebian name compared to the cats that acquainted me with the feline world, he is every bit the pet I could ever dream of or ask for. So much so, I sometimes question myself how in the world can anyone ever be a dog person when there are cats around.

Meow took to jumping on my bed and sleeping near me since day one. It was his first week home and I had had a particularly bad day. I had tucked Meow in my bed and was trying to sleep while fighting ocassional tears when I felt a soft little paw rubbing my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Meow's green eyes staring into mine and then he rubbed his paw against my cheek again, this time flicking the tear away.

Meow is my little miracle. Yes, Meows happen!

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