Thursday, December 27, 2007

The end of an era

The oldest surviving Gharpure of our family died today afternoon. He was eighty-seven. This marks the end of an era. Well, just about. My aaji, at seventy-nine, is now the only one who represents the glorious past and remembers the family lores which colour, humble and hearten many a happy evenings...

Balmama, who died today of old age complications, was the eldest of three brothers. The second brother was my grandfather- Bhau.

Balmama has donated his entire body for medical research.


*Dip* said...

may his soul rest in peace..

featherbone said...

"Balmama has donated his entire body for medical research"

-serious respect at him for doing that, and at your family for allowing it.

Gauri Gharpure said...

he had clearly mentioned it in his will, and perhaps had also expressed the decision verbally before he had to be hospitalised, so the immediate family respected his sentiments..

tht we have struck the topic, do read up the post on eye-donation..

The Tentacles of Thought said...

My sympathies are with u nd your family.
I can say one thing tho.My mom also has a similar desire.To help ppl after she leaves us.She keeps tellin us that her parts should be put to use...nd everytime i hear this or worse think about it my eyes kinda swells up.,..

Gauri Gharpure said...

it's a noble thought ur mom has and it wud be good, if at all, god forbid, u abide by her will if the time comes..

as i ve mentioned in response to baruk's comment, i also ask u to read up the post on eye donation when u find the time..

we have donated 3 pairs of eyes in our family till now..

tht one person who has the strength to suggest eye donation to the mourning and shocked relatives may be your friend, relative, a well-wisher or a hospitle employee/social worker..

it is imp not to react suddenly when suggested abt eye / organ donation, pause and think for a while and go ahead with the decision.. which in our case, we did on three sad ocassions..

dharmabum said...

its a great thought to be of use to others even in death. somehow, i've liked the parsi way of putting bodies to rest. i doubt if there are any more functional towers of silence in india. someone was telling me recently there are towers, but no vultures around!

my condolences.

Fictitioustruth said...

My sympathies for the loss to the family.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

May his soul rest in peace.That was so noble of him to do so!