Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I started off writing this blog with a non-committal frame of mind.

I started by promising myself that I will blog only as a reaction to the daily happenings I read about in newspapers; or at the most- pen down poems in their abstract beauty and not about what I had for dinner this day and what dress I wore the other. I promised no interpretations. I loved the mystery.

But today, I feel a change taking over. Things have changed before i realised.

Through this blog, I have met innumerable facades of people. People, who work by the day and dream by the night. Who may lie by the day but swear by nothing by the truth on the faceless e-world. People who blog, not just as a process of words, but as an exercise of thinking aloud. It's beautiful and it's encouraging.

I now feel that the promise I made to myself, about 'not getting involved' in the blog was contrary to the basics of just about anything. Perhaps, you just put a little bit of your soul in each thing you do. And even if you don't want to, you end up leaving bits and pieces of your being here or there. That's what I have realised I am doing in the course of writing this blog.

After reading some wonderful blogs, it seems like writing a blog is essentially a spiritual exercise. A blog seems like a subtle confession box. It's a place where we make promises we dare not announce in the brutal real world, where we dream at leisure and where we think of bringing a change without being bogged down by immaculate reason. It's a place where creativity is to be pampered, explored, haunted and hoisted. It's a secret cocoon, which is not so secret after all. And that's the beauty of it.

I rush to meet myself every time I blog.

-Gauri Gharpure


phish said...

well put. and that is the truth. the truth that we can't handle are here for everyone to see.

blogging for me is an outlet. a direct reaction to a bit of a rough and tumble. and today, i live because of it.

well, somewhat. it has almost assumed a responsibility. one that i like.

Atul Sabnis said...

i am glad, i must say, to read this post. honest statements are rare.

i am almost willing to agree with phish (above), but i hesitate, a tad bit. just a bit. and not because he is my companion when we travel to Peru together.

blogs mean different things to different people. When the blog starts making meaning because of what it is that is when a blog becomes what it is.

probably didn't make a whole lot of sense.

in short, i know what you mean.

PS: I really wish you would enable OpenID and allow WordPress folks to make direct comments.

Fictitioustruth said...


Acceptable logic but maybe not sure it holds true for everyone. Specially for me, i write purely to improve my written expression. That means picking any topic that interests me at the time of writing.

Then I could be wrong.

The Ultimate Motorcyclist said...

I write..cos i love to read it afterwards...and remember..this is what i felt????

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Haha...this is so true...i had startd my blog mainly to write abt heavy metal rock..nd rants have found a place in my blog.nd its gud to hav the variety otherwise it gets extremely monotonous.

dharmabum said...

meeting oneself - thats such a beautiful thought.

i'd started it as a whim, probably a trial - never made any promises, but its been a beautiful journey and has at this stage, become quite inseperable.

very honest words, these.

Gauri Gharpure said...

phish- thnks for sharing here wht blogging means to u.. as u can see from the comments below, even I was amazed to how, in so different ways, is blogging so significant for each person.. btw, deviprasad wud be delighted to get the parcel, the photos r nice..

-atul. thnks.. liked tht 'what it is' ='what it is' funda.. so true.. i figured out the open id thingy, but now someone says the capture is a prob.. @#$@$ is it? i think i turned tht off..

-fictionous truth- logic shud never hold true for everyone. am glad at least things i write on my blog don't. variety, reason and opinions spice up things. blogging as a way to improve writing expression.. hmm, now tht's interesting.. infact, I think one of our profs also recommended tht back in Pune..

-motorcyclist--- :D now lets shake hands there... One of the major timepass for me is to read, re-read and edit my blog posts.. leaves me with tht absentminded silly bliss...

-tentacles-- first of all-wht's ur name?? or some other pen name u fancy? I have been thinking tht phish and bum seems still okay, but tentacles sounds just way too wierd.. :D yes, u r right abt the monotonous thing.. isn't it amazing how sometimes words gets bored of themselves and churn out something fresh all on their own?? and then the blog truly begins to rock..

bum- thnk u thnk u.. m always honest.. :) but if u and ur blog are inseparable, i shud be seeing more posts, shudnt i? also, i am going to keep on pestering u till u read the other blog and tell me abt it..

The Tentacles of Thought said...

My name is Raja..
Now ^^^ sounded more wierd

phish said...

i am sure he will. and if you continue to write like this, you will too :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Blogs indeed have come a long way! I remember some 5-6 years ago..when I had come across a blog (I had no clue what it was) from Japan where a guy just kept discussing what he did the entire day..and how he went about doing it...and I was like....what a crazy thing to do! But, before I knew it..the entire world was doing it!!!

And now...its taken a new shape...its actually become the 'new media'!