Thursday, June 26, 2008

CoralDraw experiments

I have been listlessly fumbling with Adobe photoshop and getting more and more saddened by how people love to complicate something as relaxing as drawing. Anyways, with my limitations that allow me to crop and adjust image size, I doodled some drawings using the lovably easy Paintbrush. Have put these up to accompany the scribbles on the other blog which gets very rarely visited :(...
So be there, have a look while I find something to post on this blog.


Prabha Mohan said...

wrong application dude!

photoshop (photo + shop), as the name suggests, is mainly an image manipulation (raster) application that you can use to do fun stuff with photographs and to create fluid-looking effects (very useful for motion graphics).

It has some drawing tools, but just like you dont ask your plumber to fix your car, you dont want to use photoshop to create "illustrations"

what you need is illustrator!

but i like your whale :)

ps: i actually came here to say nice work with your blog. really enjoyed reading it. :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

hmmm... :)

Anonymous said...

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suren said...

the sweetest of all the pictures is the one found in the blogger profile :p