Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not again...

Terror attacks in Mumbai. At least 25 feared dead. The pics I saw are spooky.

This is a Reuters article, with as much info as was available right off the scene...

Is our country entering in a spate of uncontrolled, random fits of terror?

More take birth than can easily live,
More die randomly like this,
A cruel twist of fate
May take me or you away tomorrow
Today is all we have



DeeplyDip said...

I am glued to the tv n watching the horror unfold.they just announced some of the accomplished cops dead. This is so sad and so shameful...they should kill all the 50 terrorists rather than trying to arrest them

void said...

Dunno where you are, but I hope you're fine. I'm good. Was in Bandra, but at home now. Staying put.

phish said...

at home g. been a long, tough night. and the battle still rages on. thanks for the concern. i am safe and just on my umpteenth cup of tea since last night. be good.

Joe Pinto, Pune said...

Hi Gauri,

Life goes on ...

Warm regards,

- Joe.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Dip-- i don't know. everything seemed crazy.

void-- really glad to know this.. take care..

phish-- relieved to know so. i first thought of my brother-in-law, cousin and then u two. all likely to be somewhere around the danger zone.. take care.. and blog often, if u can.. :)

Dear Sir-- yes, simple though it may sound, tht's the biggest reality..
I was not able to take a bus on buy nothing day. got too late after being glued to the tv. but the idea has stuck. I plan to do something on those lines soon and will tell you all about it.