Thursday, December 04, 2008

Be Good


Indian Home Maker said...

Yes it good to be good. Those who are good always have that inner confidence that you can only have when you know you'd never, knowingly, do anything bad.

Fictitioustruth said...

thank you.

Joe Pinto, Pune said...

Hi Gauri,

Just to share with you a quote from Paul Eddington, the actor who played the Prime Minister in the TV serial, "Yes Minister!"

Jeremy Isaacs interviewed him on the "Face to Face" programme on Channel 4, in which he asked Paul what he would like written on his epitaph (after he died).

And Paul answered,
"If he could not do good,
he did not do bad."

Take care. Warm regards,
- Joe.

Glassbeads said...

Hey gauri, I remember Pinto Sir told me one thing in college about being good which i can never forget. He said that by being good we make a shield for ourselves to protect us from the bad that exists. This is etched in my head and it is true. I mean if i smile at someone, the reation will be a smile in return atleast 99%!
P.S: Did u get the clipping I sent?

Dileep said...

good post...................after reading everything abt mumbai.. i was really feeling sad about our plight and "how the world thinks".. there are some good people around!