Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good reads on Mumbai attacks

These are some well-thought articles you may take time out to read:

Why they hate Mumbai

- Suketu Mehta

Death Of A Salesman And Other Elite Ironies

- Tarun J. Tejpal


Fictitioustruth said...

Tarun Tejpal's article is fantastic. It doesn't matter how practical, despite there validity, his ideas are, they leave you with something to mull over. He says the uncomfortable truth.

Suketu mehta's article is as ridiculous and intellectually shallow as the book he wrote "Maximum City". No biased opinion he writes to keep his masters happy, the western public. His articles seem to inspired from the medium he claims to hate,the hindi cinema. Did you know he was a screenplay writer for "Mission Kashmir". My personal dislike for the person is getting too obvious but then i finished his dumb ass book last week only.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Yes, I read it in the full, at one go and i couldn't agree more with you. Tehelka is doing a wonderful job. Do you know, I got a subscription for a year for just 300 rupees??? And now, i guess even if they double the rates, I think its worth it to read wht they scoop out from all corners of India that are so less talked about..

I also liked Suketu Mehta's article btw. Yes, it's very feel good, but heck! i felt good reading it! :) I have not read any of his other books, so not in a position to comment on the origins of his thoughts or writings...