Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hooch killed him eventually

I remember the tired man
with a cycle cart.
He took us four-year-olds
On a joyride round and round
on days when he was sobre.
On days he was high on hooch*
He used to swear and make a scene
And snatch her home at odd times.
As hundreds die in my city
I remember him, long dead now;
He didn't die in a mass tragedy, no
But hooch killed him eventually.

*Hooch: Country-made liquor / spurious liquor.

Ahmedabad death toll crosses 100: Read article


CoFfEe AnGeL said...

Short, tragic, educational, well written, intense ... and with a moral to boot!
V.Well done...pls pls write more! no more such long breaks!

Gauri Gharpure said...

Coffee-- thanks! severe internet probs are to blame for my irregular presence on the blogosphere..:)

John said...

and it will be the death of me too.

Solilo said...

Well written as always. Tragic!

Joe Pinto said...

My dear Gauri - May your inner voice live and give us joy and sorrow. Peace and love - Joe.

Nino's Mum said...

sad, yet so true.
How have you been, Gauri?

Vaidehi said...

That was beautiful and so nostalgic. I think i know who was that old man b'cos i have too enjoyed that cart ride!

Anonymous said...

This is tragic..and written so from the soul..


Hope the internet connection doesnt give you any more trouble Gauri.((hugs))

feddabonn said...

i used to know an old man pickled in the bloody stuff. claimed he had been drinking only local brew since the age of 16, and that was the reason for his long life. must have been about 90 odd when i knew him. he wasn't violent when i knew him, but may well have been before.

just wondering: are most of your experiences of heavy drinkers violent?

John said...


my experience of heavy drinkers have been anything but.

John said...


my experience of heavy drinkers have been anything but.

Gauri Gharpure said...

John-- how easily you say tht!

Solilo-- Strange, it didn't seem quite tragic then. actually, it wasnt.. seemed unfair though

Sir- Thanks.. you don't know how much each of your comment means to me

Aditi-- I have been pretty good.. and how is nino?:)

Vaidehiiii-- i am so glad u made it to this space.. search a little and you will find many things written for you

Indyeah-- hugs and thnks :) :)
internet back just this afternoon. and so, i will be here more often. yay

feddabbon-- age mellows down people beyond recognition.. my brush with alcoholism was only through this man. and it was not really violent. it was irritating, sad and unfair.

john-- why dont u write abt it then, wud be an interesting read

dharmabum said...

eventually...! i was in rajasthan recently, and very curious to try out the local hooch, only to be prevented by wise friends who kept warning me about the recent spate in such accidents. its been happening in the south for ages now. it doesn't hit the news because i guess the 'scale' hasn't been so big...

Reni said...

For many this wasnt the first encounter with death!! Acc to them life and such tragedies just happen!!

Reni said...

For many this wasnt the first encounter with death!! Acc to them life and such tragedies just happen!!

Anonymous said...

Sad, but so true. We see such tragedies without even seeing them... I feel alcohol is as dangerous as drugs but selling one is no crime, even possessing another is a serious offence :( Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Tragic truth of so many!

very well written!

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Gauri Gharpure said...

Oh Gauri, How did I miss this sincere and purest tribute given by you to a common and life long injured soul, for whom, the death was the only salvation.....may god rest his soul in peace...