Sunday, September 12, 2010

A party for four

I had planned a homely little party for four.

For starters I made potato-cheese balls shown on a Marathi cookery show called 'Aamhi Saare Khavayye'. I also deep-fried baby corns in the same pepper-cornflour batter used for potato wada. Strawberry jam squeezed on Monaco biscuits topped with cheese gave a namkin* touch.

For the main course was Khoya mutter, with khoya made from milk-powder in microwave. Thank you Sangeeta for this quick, hygienic and delicious trick. On the side were butter corn and onion-mushrooms. Yellow and red capsicums, which I used for the first time, added a brilliant dash of colour to these items.

For the dessert, I made mango ice cream using this super-easy recipe given on Homecooked .

*Namkin = Sweet-sour-salty snacks
* Khoya= Granule-like remain after milk is boiled at length and finally evaporated. Used in a majority of Indian sweets
* Mutter= Green peas


sangeeta said...

Hi Gauri
What a party you had...i wish i was there with all those lovely dishes there.

Khoya matar looks just as we make it and i loved your mushroom bell pepper stirfry.

The mango icecream looks great too . I have posted an easy one step mango kulfi/icecream made with milk powder served with homemade falooda here

Check that out if possible, you might like it.

Swaram said...

Awesome! Invite me too pls :P

Anonymous said...

Wow made so many yummy dishes for a party of four :) Next time I am definitely going to invite myself to your place ;) By the way that Marathi link you've given...which episode is that? Those potato cheese balls look awesome. If possible send me the link or the recipe...would love to try that out!

YOSEE said...

Wow ! Such a delish. spread ! Colorful and inviting ! Must've been a great party, for sure !

Gauri Gharpure said...

Sangeeta: The party was good because of the wonderful recipes!

the mango icecream was too good, but i went overboard with whipped cream, so it set a little late.. not that it mattered, friends were soo stuffed, the mention of dessert made them jump in alarm:) i have read your falooda recipe and will let you know when i try it..
I used the kanher flowers just for 2--3 seconds for the photo, but will be careful, yes..

Swaram-- you are most welcome! :)

Homecooked: thanks to you:) I didn't remember the episode, so didn't link it.. it was sometime during Ganapati i guess and the dish had a french name, not as simplified as potato cheese wada.

Yosee-- Yes, it was great fun.. preparing and then enjoying the praise :D


Looks yummy.Am going to check out that khoya matar!

Lovely photographs, to.

AlphaTauri said...

Wow... Everything looks so yummy. Homemade mango icecream is such a good idea. Thanks for the links to all the recipes.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Thanks Raji, for appreciating the photos as well as the food:)

R-- the ice-cream is not that cost-effective, but completely compensates by being rich and creamy and super tasty.. nothing like the synthetic tasting, frothy-air-filled retail version..

AlphaTauri said...

There is a better way to reply to comments on Blogger. You could try this:

Gauri Gharpure said...

R, I tried pasting the code just after the given line, but it's not working.. what could be the problem?

Kamini said...

Ooh, you have really made my mouth water! How I wish I could have been there!:)

Gauri Gharpure said...

@Kamini thanks! :) and if we ever happen to meet, i will ensure i cook good stuff..

Indrani said...

Wow! Hunger triggering post. You have done it well. :)

Swaram said...

Yum yum yum! Plsss pass on the recipe of the potato cheese balls :)