Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Audio profile of a New York street-seller

This is my first audio project.

Being in a different country, a different climate and among people who speak the same language with a different accent, reporting is not the same. Sometimes it takes nothing to approach people and talk to them, sometimes you get cold feet and just can't talk. As I was walking in Harlem scouting for my subject after an unsuccessful recording with an African woman at a hair-braiding saloon, I saw Sean Shawney. He smiled at me and asked if I would buy his tee shirts, pins. The spread looked interesting and we started talking. I found my subject.

Gharpure Audioprofile 0818 Final by Gauri

Shawney's spread of pins. Figures of African leaders and artists

And this is what I bought:


Something about the process:

We had to make a two-minute profile of any person. The process included transcribing the audio, then picking out portions (called actualities) to include in the tape, and to write a narration. Then, in the lab I selected parts of sentences and edited some actualities using Final Cut Pro. Also recorded the narration. The audio levels are high, forgot to adjust. In September, will learn to use Pro Tools for the Audio Storytelling elective that I have taken. After what we learned for the audio slideshow class, I will also try to take more horizontal shots from now on. Indeed, that makes optimum use of visible space.


Firaq Darvesh said...

Very nice approach to documentation.You will come across many interesting subjects and aspects of human life through this, which is essentially the soul of Journalism... Wishing you good luck and success.Take care.
Baba/30-08-2011/Tuesday/22:00 hrs.IST.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Thanks Baba...

Joe Pinto said...

My dear Gauri,

Excellent interview and good selection of the Rosa Parks pin.

Convert this audio-tape into a written feature for print. That's a good exercise too.

Keep up the CSJ work. Listen and learn. A good idea to post some chosen aspects of your work on your blog. Invite feedback, by sending the audio-tape to persons, who can comment.

Peace and love,
- Joe.

baruk said...

love. *these are the stories i want to hear. and i will always call them locks from now. go hard gauri!