Monday, September 19, 2011

Update from home: Lali is not well

When you run to welcome me home, sometimes I feel I need no other love in this world.

I had tweeted this about Lali.

She is one of the four dogs that we raised. Born in November 2002, the litter came under our care, when their mother, whom I called Jhingy, suddenly died. They were a month old then. Lali is the most loyal, her territory remains our house and she guards it against, mostly, the postman and the sweeper.

It is Indiraben, who became a part of our family when I was about six months of age, who lovingly and possessively tends to all our pets. On the night of September 10, Indiraben came to my father, very worried, and said she had not seen Lali for the entire day. Unusual, scary. They tried to look around all over the society, but did not find her.

Early next morning, Lali's siblings Dholu and Sheeba literally dragged Indiraben to a locked plot in the society. There we found Lali: weak, frightened. She's old now and couldn't jump the high walls. Baba got keys to the lock from the society secretary, but it was rusted. The guards then broke the lock. Lali came out to hug Indiraben and Baba.

In recent emails, Baba says how Lali is still in a shock. She has given up barking with gusto as she used to. She only wimps and cries, eats less and seldom leaves our compound. Baba thinks she climbed up a car and jumped into the plot, falling on her face. She has some injuries near the jaw. She runs at the sight of medicine and Baba and Indiraben are too old for the hide-and-seek routine I dealt with. I hope she gets better soon. My family depends on these kids more than we admit or realize. Home would not be home without them...


Firaq Darvesh said...

Dear Gauri,
Lali is much better now.She eats well and now started doing the old game/trick of bulling over Shibu, i.e.not allowing her to come near the plate... so indiraben puts the plate on our compound wall so that shibu eats from the plate.... it is a nice time pass game for Indi,Lali and Shibu.
* -Some times I really wonder that how these speechless animals express their innermost feelings and love with so much of love and truthfulness ...Yahoo has learn t to cry like a baby to draw Indi's attention towards him...The lovebirds are more addition to their number of 5 ...
May be, the old breading pair has become old now or this unusually extended rainy season , not much of rain but clouded atmosphere has effected the breading.Rest is ok.
- Baba/19-09-2011/Monday/22:20 hrs.

Joe Pinto said...

My dear Gauri,

I am so happy that you are still in touch with what is happening at home and feel about it. This is one way to be alive.

The body language of animals is a well-studied issue. If your Baba has been lucky to have any experience with Labradors or Golden Retrievers (which serve as guides to blind humans), he will notice that this body language is used to train them.

Keep the blog also alive and ringing with what you miss about Ahmedabad, India, your family, friends forever, colleagues and other loved ones, near and dear.

Peace and love,
- Joe.