Saturday, June 09, 2018

Letters not sent

The other day, I came across a bunch of sealed envelopes. There were stamps too! I recognized my writing even though it has changed since, like an old friend who has adopted new fashion trends, and thought about the time when I curled the letters and crossed my Ts differently. What else has changed, other than my handwriting?

I am still in touch with all the friends to whom I promised cards but did not make it to the post box, so that's a good thing for starters. As I pushed those cards away, I realized that I have not written a letter to anyone from around the same period that I did not post those letters. I used to love writing letters and I genuinely wonder what made me stop. 


B Pradeep Nair said...

Hi Gauri,
I landed on your blog via Mysore Blog Park.
A decision I have taken is to visit MBP more frequently. And, thus here I am.
I have just one friend, in England, who still prefers to write letters. It's only to him, I write a letter. I am tempted to type out my reply, but I resist, and go ahead to write it out.
I have the same thoughts as you do: why am I not actually writing a letter?
May be I should make a beginning.
- Pradeep

Gauri Gharpure said...

Hey Pradeep, thanks for stopping by! Isn't it a great feeling pen to paper just for the person you are writing for? Emails don't really replicate that! I hope you write soon and so shall I, I haven't taken it up myself yet :-(