Saturday, May 26, 2007


I will cook tonight,
All your favourite dishes.
A long drive after that, may be?
Or whatever you say, we will...

Say Cheers, Dear...
Or even if you dont, I will.
Dont be modest, don't you underplay it
(Still, whatever you say, we will...)

I won't nag tonight
(If I say I won't, I will!)
It's time to celebrate, isn't it,
So whatever you say, we will...

Let's make new memories
And let the old ones fade
Let's celebrate tonight,
Each being the other's reason...

A Chocolate cake?
But you don't like sweets...
Ah! I know what,
Veg Frankies and Cheese!

Let's begin the journey again,
The way we did (Remember Feb the 24th?)
A long drive, may be?
Or whatever you say, we will...


Chitra said...

Hey, a nice sweet one! :)

kutty said...

hey its nice

Reni said...

hey have u thought of making it as a song?? the compostion is great n yet delivers the simpicity of the thought.

dharmabum said...

whatever you say, we will! you're a sweetheart aren't ya! lucky mitra ;)

Gauri Gharpure said...

he he he :)