Monday, September 03, 2007

A bookmark

I had once made a bookmark
Out of pink bougainvillea leaves
I wonder where it is now,
And if it still lives.

If it lies forgotten in books
Or if it still marks a page,
Whether the pink has faded to yellow
But if the memory still stays.

I wonder who has it now
Or rather, who hasn’t
I had made a bookmark once,
Out of pink bougainvillea leaves…

September 2, 2007

-Gauri Gharpure


Reni said...

Pink to yellow..
Lovers to friends..
moments become memories;
Never to end...

Vix said...

i ws never a book worm...but i suddenly saw that book mark in imagination ...hw it wud look....nice yaar ....

Atul Sabnis said...

it happens to me when i am reading a book, sometimes. a particular paragraph, while not necessarily complicated just refuses to make sense. i read it over and over again, yet the words are just weird lines on paper.

i think i wonder of things that i can't quite understand. some paras and pages sometimes have a memory of their own. like a missing bookmark.

they try and remind you of something that you were supposed to.