Saturday, May 16, 2009

And I am thrilled...

This drawing I had done quite some days back, when I was pessimistic, a wee bit cynic and quite confused.. I have never thought of consciously making myself aware about politics, but by the virtue of the place I live now, talks, discussions and reading a large number of political stories by the virtue of my profession, I was quite more in touch with the happenings — and the speculations — than I have been all my life. (Otherwise I used to skip news on politics quite conveniently)

I still have no clear political ideology.

I love Modi for the change of face Gujarat has seen and I grudge him for what happened in 2002. I hate BJP and its allies like RSS, VHP for giving a fundamentalist slur to a religion as free and beautiful as Hinduism. I think Congress could have done a lot more than it has done, given the kind of trust people had (and continue to have in spite of many odds) in the party...

Initially, in West Bengal, the Left seemed to me an unusually principled, organized party — perhaps the only one that had such a clear set of dos and don't, so to say, a clear-cut party line... Trinamool seemed hopeless as an Opposition, with Mamata's shrill, often extremely illogical arguments.

But over a period of time, I was stumped by the single-minded allegiance pledged to the CPM by hoards and hoards of people. Something seemed grossly wrong. I was not ready to believe that such collective masses could be so in tune with the ideologies... A spin-yarn seemed to be working somewhere, and quite strongly at that.

Singur and Nandigram served to show people just to what extent the Left front takes itself to be superior to everything else. Highhandedness seemed at its peak in that period. Mamata Banerjee, for all her shrill, illogical rallies, had touched a cord somewhere. May be I could not relate to her but some people, who were disillusioned with the trust they put in the other fold time and again leading to nil, could. After 32 years of rule, people perhaps suddenly realized they need a change. May be they even felt they have been fooled by the hammer and the sickle... (It's a different thing that Mamata has given Singur the slip all throughout her campaign. The last she went there was in February)

As I see the projected results: Left 15, Trinamool 19, Congress 7, BJP 1 (at 11.46 am) I am thrilled, jubilant. Time for change...

It is quite possible the choice could turn out grossly wrong... Some people I know are of the opinion that come Mamata and industries will plummet, there would be a full-stop to any sensible development. But then, going by the things I have seen in the three years of my exposure here, it seemed the Left front was banking on all the development in its 32 years' tenure on Singur, Nayachar and Nandigram...

The choice may be wrong. But give me my right to choose. Perhaps, the people of Bengal took a chance this time. I love them for that.

And yes, the next time there's an election, I am reaching home in time. I am now hooked to the fascinating dance of Indian democracy.

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firaq darvesh said...

Dear Gauri,
Congrats for your transperant and bold views.
You might recall a humble expression i made some time back when you wrote an article on Good Governance.The expression was something like this..." Whom so ever we elect,what so ever the path for development we choose,let the deep rooted ideology of compassion,tolerance,equality and freedom of this beautiful country be not be shaken !....
Have'nt the people at large reflected their deep rooted belief in these noble principles ?
Let us be hopeful that this noble ideology will get strengthen and bring the change which was dreamt by our great visionaries...
Baba/16-05-2009/12.45 hrs.

feddabonn said...

i am happy for you, gauri! :)

my personal feelings are more in terms of relief than actual joy. mostly, that is. but hey! small victories are worth celebrating!

Anonymous said...

I am happy that the UPA has been given a decisive mandate. I feel the Indian voter is smarter than anybody realises :)

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

It's just like the carrot being dangled in front of the rabbit. Change isn't when after 32 years of being fed on the same diet of Leftist carrots, the Bengali rabbit decides to eat out at Mamata's diner. The fact is that 3 decades later, the concerned Bengali intellectual and the suffering villagers have decided to go for one more ride. After all, the ideology's guiding light is dictatorship of the proletariat as opposed to democracy of the bourgeoisie, and the CPM-led Left Front, by virtue of being an active component in the democratic process, betrays the very people for whose cause it claims to fight. Look back, and they, just like any other bunch of politicians, have just managed to stuff their coffers. They periodically revise their ideology, but are probably the only one whose rank and file stubbornly stick by it through thick and thin. Unfortunately, the revisions have been made to such an extent that the Left and the Congress (Trinamool as you know is a breakaway faction much like NCP and dozens of others) have traded their original positions of the 70s.

Rajesh said...

Very nice analysis of events and political parties. Thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

Ya, some folks are already worrying that Mamata's Trinamool Congress may be more Left than the Left parties!
Let's hope for the better.

BTW, I came to drop you a note that I've added you to my blogroll, only to find my blog on your list already.

Thanks so much! :-)

Joe Pinto said...

My dear Gauri,

And I am thrilled ... that Gauri has finally gone political.

Keep the political thoughts going, Gauri. They will fill out your personality.

I hope I could be as thrilled as you are about the results. Sadly, I think, with all the power given to them by the people's ballot, the UPA cannot and will not fufill the aspirations of the weak and the meek.

Warm regards,
- Joe.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Baba-- Thanks

Baruk-- :) thanks!

IHM-- i had never thought it would be so clear cut.. was elated. ur blog (and the circle) has guided me a lot to form some sane thought abt the political circus that was going on. I learn each day from the clear, well-argued posts u put up.

Kaushik-- agree.. i have been following you blog and Pranav's and feels good that you folks are so into the debates.. how many of your friends voted?

Rajesh-- thanks. thoughtful, yes. analysis, not sure.. analysis wants a lot more facts and links and i guess my other post (the good governance, was a lot more streamlined post than this one)

Mahendra-- ve heard it too.. mamata made an interesting statement the other day, 'i am not against the left, i am against the left front' thanks for the blogroll.

Sir-- one can't evade politics for long.. I am curious about your certainty that UPA will not perform and am a lot more optimistic. talking abt the left front, they have not done much, have they, even given tht they represent what you call the weak and the meek?

Pranjal Wagh said...

Hey Gauri,
Thanks for being a regular reader and 'commenter' on my blog and its various posts!

The article u wrote was really good.
But what I really detest is the post election portfolio race that all parties get into.

Ministries being awarded to parties just because they support UPA. I am glad that UPA has won a gr8 number of seats this time and wont bow down to pressure from 'allies'

I just think that those ministers who have done good in their tenure should be retained e.g like Antony, PC are being retained.

Blah blah blah

If I continue then this comment will in itself become a blog post! :D

Pranjal Wagh
A Rational Mind

PS: May I please please request you to add my blog to your blogroll?

Joe Pinto said...

My dear Gauri,

Esp. as a journalist, you have to be careful with language. The Left Front merely "claim" to represent what I call the weak and meek. Merely claiming to represent is not enough. What are they doing? You are in a better position to judge in Kolkata rather than me sitting in Pune.

Repeat: I am thrilled, Gauri, the elections have aroused your interest in politics. Keep it up.

Warm regards,
- Joe.

noni said...

i m skeptical...about these euphoria..and time will answer

by the way its nice blog...a reading pleasure along with ur poem blog..