Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eye donation

I noticed that many people have been directed to my blog while searching for links on eye donation. I wrote this article (Hope amidst grief) way back in September 2006 and posted it on the blog after failing to get it through newspapers. That many people are curious to know about eye donation, and that my post might be useful in some way even today, is heartening.

My brush with the process, I still consider too personal to put it on the blog.

Now, when I think of those moments when the decision was made, I wonder if I myself would be comfortable with donating my eyes. I am not sure. To be honest, we tend to have too possessive a connect with our bodies, at least I do, and the idea of my eyes being plucked out unnerves me.

I hope with time, this silly preoccupation will wane of and I will be ready in the real sense for there's this very scientific, practical and noble angle to organ donations. It is a beautiful, extremely tempting proposition to use a part of your body — that will anyway turn to ashes, or be eaten up by bugs underground — to show someone a world he has yet only heard of.

Why just eyes, doctors say even other organs can be used if the decision is taken well in advance, say in the cases of persons on life support. The eldest member of Gharpure clan donated his entire body to a medical college. He had conveyed the decision and it was honoured.

So, for all those wanderers who come to this blog looking for more reading on eye donation, here's my advise. Follow your heart, for most often, it will get you to do the right thing.

For those who have not read the two said posts, take sometime to read, and pass on the message...

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Anonymous said...

We had some blue cards after we had all decided to donate our eyes... we had talked about it too, but when my dad died I didn't even think of it... until I read this post, the thought never came to my mind. I think we need reminders, and the grieving family should be gently asked if they'd like to donate eyes or other body parts.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Yes IHM, you need a gentle reminder at times. Read the linked post, it has lots of information

Mahendra said...

Beautiful post.

The problem is two-fold: first the person has to commit, second the family should be willing and act in a timely fashion. It is this double-challenge that has kept rates of donations very low.

Solilo said...

Gauri, This is subtle reminder. I think I need to pledge too.

Let me tweet this post.

PNA said...

Remember a scene from a film -the ailing wife pleged to donate her eyes to a poor blind kid. After her death, the husband who was against it and delayed the process of phoning up the required authorities...

Reminders are necessary. Also the willingness of the immediate family to honour the wishes of the deceased.


Darshan Chande said...

Donating the body is certainly a very noble thing.

I recall the movie called Seven Pounds (Will Smith). Recommended.

Nino's Mum said...

My mum has pledged her body for medical research... and I think you'll like reading Manju's conversation with her mum, here:http://baktoo.blogspot.com/2009/09/i-dont-like-idea-but-i-respect-your.html

Dil se said...

Very thoughtful post. I guess it is human tendency to hold onto everything relatedto the ones they love. and that's what prevents lot of us from committing to this noble cause.

Dil se said...

Oh forgot to mention: An award and a tag is awaiting for you.Do hop over.

Gauri Gharpure said...

Mahendra, PNA-- Yes, the number of commitments is far more (and dare I say impetuous) than the actual donations.. I think Ruby Hall is doing good work, they have a string of volunteers whose job is to approach the bereaved family and broach the topic

PNA-- wht's the name of the film??

Solilo-- thanks for tweeting

Darshan-- definitely. and quite courageous too, i think..
you are here after a long time, welcome back :)

Aditi-- nice, so you have a responsibility now..
and thanks for linking the wonderful article. I have linked maju's post with this one.

Dil se-- holding on.. tht's the word.. you must also read Manju's post. that delves beautifully into the emotional attachment that prevents such donations. the post ends on a very optimistic note.

thanks for the tag, i will take it up soon

sm said...

good post
we have to know more and more about this.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Manu said...

Dear sir i read u r article about eye donation. In india only Dera Sacha Saudha sirsa followers donate eye and body at large level.
Eye donation- 1500-2000 eye per year
Body Donation- 10-30 bodies per year
I humbly request to you please appreciate these organization about this work