Friday, October 30, 2009

Important dates

From September onwards, till the end of the year, my days often pass in a restless gloom punctuated with reasons for celebration.
In India, come September and a series of festivals start. So, in general you are engrossed in a festive atmosphere.

For me, its my birthday that kickstarts the month. This year, towards the end, I finished a year of my first full-time job and was feeling pretty happy with myself, and grateful.

October is a breeze, but just towards the end of the month, I start missing my grandfather. On 26th, he would have been 87.

Bhau was a jolly fellow with love for good food and piping-hot dalwadas. He adored me with a very open bias. Anything was allowed for me, and his swiftest solution to aaji's complaints that I don't study as much I should was to 'take a year off'. Better still, he would say let her fail once. I was humiliated in front of my whole class when I failed in all possible subjects and from then on, I was stunned into being serious. So, it's good to fail, he would say.

And then, he had told me once, "I am going to live till 100. Even after that, I will become a ghost and meet you." That 100 bit always pinches me the most.

November is extremely uneasy. In the first week falls a date I remember in spite wanting to wipe it off from my mind. Towards the end of the month is a date that struck our family real hard.

December offers hope. Promises a new year that would be better, gentler. And in that hope, I have spent a wonderful decade in which God more than made up for everything.


hitch writer said...

Nov and Dec are winter months and I look forward to them !!!

Sep's gone !! and so is oct too now !!

manju said...

These couple of months seem to hold many memories for you. It's natural, I think, to remember past events at the time of year that they happened.

But memories do mellow with time, and hope for the future is there!

Gauri Gharpure said...

Dhiren-- I love the winter months, yes. but then, I love summer better. Ahmedabad types :)

Manju-- The comment has a calm, serene quality which goes well with the rather gloomy post. thanks!
some memories mellow, some don't but hope is always there, yes..

gayatri said...

a laidback mellow reflection on time as it passes by