Monday, November 02, 2009

The Contest :)

Thanks for voting.. I value every single of the 10 votes I got for the time and appreciation you kept aside for me, for Short and Sweet.

Ginger and Cardamom
has won the Original Poetry contest on Indiblogger. It's a great blog, and I have a lot of reading up to do.

So then, take care and keep in touch...


Prats said...

Thanks a lot for the nice things you said about my blog. And thanks for mentioning here.

Even I have a lot of reading to do, your blog is really great too. Subscribing to your feeds.

Solilo said...

I voted for you. There were lot of interesting entries and just 5 votes.

Congratulations to Prats!

Gauri Gharpure said...

Pratik-- thanks! :)

Solio-- You were the first, to vote and to let me know tht the blog's accepted in the competition. that means a lot..