Sunday, May 15, 2011

And all shall pass

When the storm subsides
And the wind stops howling,
Listen to the silence;
It will speak to you.

Hang in there just some more,
This too shall pass.
The fear will fade;
You are brave.

When love restores your faith,
And trust births in you again;
He will absolve you of all
That now crowds your guilt.

Some more faith,
Some more love,
And all shall pass.
And all shall pass.

-Gauri Gharpure
May 15, 2011


sangeeta said...

Love and some more of it :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

Hugs and lots of them :)

Glassbeads said...

Beautiful and touching. 'This too shall pass' four words that can make us happy when we are sad and sad when we are in a joyous mood.
Loads of love, keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem Gauri! Really...everything is fleeting.

Dreamer said...

We shall overcome turbulence, pain and sorrow with a big bright smile:-)...Lovely poem!!!


How do we know said...

very very nice!! and for me, very timely too..

bhumika said...

hope - a four letter word that makes life so much more bearable :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

@How do we know-- My poem meets its destiny when you say it was timely for you. Best wishes, take care.

@ NM-- It all passes, but we need someone to gently reassure. Yaa, my smile is intact. :) :)

@Homecooked: As fleeting as the delicious food you cook. :D Food also gives so much hope, no?

@Shilpa-- Yes, don't forget the smiles, ever. If at times you can't give, appreciate those smiles you get and that makes all the difference.

@Bhumika-- The mission of that four-letter word is not to make life bearable. Rather, it is to remind you that life is still beautiful outside of your situation. How you be??