Monday, October 08, 2012

Meow Mondays

When he makes my heart jump out of the window

Meow will undergo a surgery for advanced hernia tomorrow.
Pray for my little cupcake with all the faith you have.
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Firaq Darvesh said...

Dear Gauri,
Have faith in goodness and God.Your little Meow will be absolutely fine, when he is operated. You are lucky that now you have and support, dedicated and kind people for good cause for pets, street dogs, cats and wounded animals.He will be fine soon.Looking to your job,If possible,keep him in the hospital till he recovers and needs all post operation medication and care, as he will be nicely protected and looked after there. When he is fit to leave the hospital,bring him back home.....Remember one thing...Good work never goes in vain....God bless you and your little Meow
Baba / 09-10-2012 / Tuesday / 02:01 hrs.